The Collective Shadow

Much of the process I go through in creating a painting begins with questions. Truly, painting is the very process of questioning: I question the origins of human faith, the reason behind the dark side of human nature, and how we experience loneliness, hatred, sadness and choose to deal with our emotions. I find more calm in the boundless mystery of human relationships, morals, science, and our universe than I do in finding finite answers, which are invariably unsatisfactory. As such, my paintings are visual reflections of a world of questions and contradictions, of things that amaze, disturb, or shock me. I paint emotion to share my questions, not to resolve them for myself or others. 


Victor Zubeldia

Victor Zubeldia was born in 1971 in Oaxaca City, Mexico, andhas been a professional artist since 1993. His work is based on his interest inpsychology, spirituality and the conflicting impulses of human nature. He usestraditional techniques including oil, egg tempera, encaustic, acrylic, metalleaf, pastel, ink and pencil. In 2000 he published the book La Llorona, The Wailing Woman. He haslived in the United States and Brazil since 1998.

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